Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Improve your portraits with this free workshop

If you're interested in portraits but aren't sure how to get started, or aren't happy with the results you've been getting, maybe you would benefit by attending one of Sony's Portrait Photography Workshops.
This one hour, hands-on workshop, will give you the basics of portraiture and help you create better people photographs. Great lighting, which lens to use, and how to work with your subject will all be covered and you'll have a chance to try out the latest equipment on your NEX or Alpha camera.
The workshop runs Tuesday evening June 12, 2012 at the Sony Store at Scarborough Town Centre near Toronto. Although it's free, there are a limited amount of time slots so book one today and remember to bring your camera and a memory card so you can take part in this hands-on shooting event.
Contact the store to book your place at sonystore_549@sony.ca or 416-290-0888.

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