Friday, January 20, 2012

Zeiss Sony 24mm on NEX C-3, 5N, 7

It was an easy plan. Take the NEX 3, 5N and 7 and the Sony Zeiss 24mm lens out and take the same photo with each.

How hard can that be?

It was -7 and my brain froze as I was walking from the car.

All three cameras were set to ISO 200, shutter speed was 1/4 at f16. (I think). Of course when I opened the first file I learned the C3 was set to black and white.

I'll try again next week.

I was very surprised how hard it was to adjust the cameras with gloves on.

I did remember to try a panorama.... this was done with the 5N. I set the exposure compensation to +2 stops to clean up the white's.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Thanks for sharing these...I am still on the fence with the 24mm but these sure help it look good.

    -7° is cold? Try -23°C without the windchill like it was in BC for the past week! ;-)

    Captured this on the old bridge in Lillooet, BC a few days ago, it's looking north over the Fraser River. The wind was just ripping through me, I could only stand out there for a couple of minutes. Captured with my 5N-EVF and the 18-55mm.

  2. I usually have no issues with the cold. I ice climbed for years but I broke my finger two weeks ago and can't believe how the cold effects it. Only -7 and my hand was in pain.

  3. I hear you loud and clear. I can imagine it is only made worse by the way we have to contort our fingers to use these fun little cameras!

  4. Hi Rob, First time for me on your blog,- will come here more often, very nice.
    I feel for you in the cold. Pls look here at what I did with the M9 in 38 degrees the past weekend. Saw your vids at LaVidaLeica, nice! Look on my blog at what we do for the community here in SA.