Monday, October 10, 2011

Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 18mm ZM

This is the test I'm most interested in. How does the NEX7 look with my M-mount Zeiss lenses.

I thought I would try the Sony NEX7 with every lens I had.

I'm not drawing any conclusions, just posting the images for you to enjoy.

The camera was the latest pre-production version which I just picked up this week.

The ISO was set to 100.

Camera on a man's size tripod.

Self-timer so I didn't jerk anything.

Everything was done on manual focus... used the scene enlarger to focus the best I could.

Aperture priority.


This is the Zeiss M-mount 18mm ZM at f8.

This is the Zeiss M-mount 18mm ZM at f4.

Rob Skeoch
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  1. You can find the hi-rez file here....

  2. hi rob, are these zeiss 18mm have a problem with color shift on nex7? thank you :)

  3. Hi Rob,

    To add to the previous post.
    I am impatiently awaiting the arrival in two days of my nex-7 body. I have been looking up info regarding possible issues using wide angle rangefinder lenses on the nex-7. Something to do with the rear element being to close to the sensor. Did your tests on 18mm and 21mm show any issues, magenta colour casts etc.

    Kind regards

  4. I thought it worked fine with the wide angles although others seem to find issues with the fringing. Plus my camera was pre-production which seems to make a difference.