Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trying the Sony A77 and Picture Effects

The Sony A77 has 11 Picture Effect Modes. You find them by pushing the Fn button and scrolling bottom right.

I tried a number of the different modes, but not all are suitable for every subject... which makes sense. The top two images are straight images. The Picture Effects that looks nice with this subject follow.

The "Retro Photo" gives your photo an early 70's look. Poor contrast, colours are off, kinda looks like the stuff my dad did with the old Kodak Brownie. Thankfully he never got a shot of me in a Tutus.
The Miniature mode needs a bit more testing. In this mode, a portion of the frame is blocked out and the remainder clear. You put the subject in the clear area and the rest takes on a miniature or small toy effect.
This is the built in "Soft Focus" Mode. You can control the amount of soft focus between low, medium and high. This is the high setting. The low mode gives an image similar to any Canon zoom lens.
The black and white "Posterization Mode" will be useful for shooting portraits of political leaders and also works well for dancers.

I thought the were fun. I'll continue to play with them.

Rob Skeoch


  1. As lovely as this lady looks, were there no other subjects to try the special effects on? The last three pics are awful and the first three nothing outstanding. Perhaps better to stick with sports photography when testing Sony gear? Sorry, man, but this is a waste of space and ressources.

  2. Ignore the Rude Dude - I liked the dancer!

    Thanks for sharing Rob. What lens were you using on the A77?

  3. These are with the 70-200G
    I tried the 135mm Zeiss on a couple shots but don't think i posted any of those.