Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've packed the gear for my Haiti work

I leave for Haiti in a couple hours.
I've repacked my checked bag and the camera carry on.

When I go on a trip like this I feel the gear, and overpriced clothes I've assembled over the years, keep calling out.... "Take Me". Like it's an honour to be chosen for the big trip.

My original pile of gear has been edited down. I had too much to carry plus it would be hard to work out of the camera bag if it's really packed in.

The first item cut was the Sony A900 full-frame camera. Wow, it's a great camera but I can't see lugging the weight around the island. Since I wasn't taking the camera, I didn't need the two batteries or the charger.

Also since it was the only full-frame, I could also cut out the Fisheye, since it's only a Fisheye on full-frame, plus the Zeiss 135mm f1.8 is a great length on the full chip, but kinda long on a cropped APS sensor. Left both of those behind.

So the only dSLR gear that made the bag was the Alpha A35 with the Zeiss 24-70mm and 100mm prime. I also had a 20mm and flash in the pile but left them.

The video gear went in the bag intact. The TD-10 Sony camera shoots both 3-D and 2-D. A wireless mic, remote, tripod baseplate, batteries and a small charger.

Most of the shooting will be done on rangefinder cameras. The Leica M9 will do much of the work but I always shoot some black and white film, so bring along a Zeiss Ikon with Delta 400 film. The M9 charger and two spare batteries came along. The Zeiss Ikon has fresh batteries in it, so I'll risk not taking a spare.

All six of my Zeiss M-mount lenses are coming along. This might be a bit of overkill but how can you leave a lens behind when you plan to spend the next week shooting with the camera. I also brought the viewfinders for 18mm and 25mm. Also two B+W040 orange filters for the lenses. For the most part I'll leave the Zeiss 28mm on the Zeiss camera body to use for film.

The Sony NEX C3 was edited out with the adapter for the M-mount lens. You can't take everything.

I'm taking two point and shoots for others to use. A Sony TX10 and a HX100. Just one battery each and I left the chargers behind.

My light meter made the bag while my Gitzo Reporter and ball head went into the checked bag.

I had the carry on and checked bag all packed. My Domke Little Bit Smaller bag that I've used around the world didn't make the cut and looked dejected on the bag pile in the corner of the studio.

Rob Skeoch
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  1. This is pathetic. You are pathetic.

    A good photographer would go with one simple camera and a bag full of talent and win a pulitzer. And then, an amateur would bring a whole photography store and not show a single good image.

    Get a life, and some talent.

  2. I disagree, a photographer takes with him/her whatever it takes to get the job done.

  3. Anonymous, you sound like the kind of person I would not like to meet..

    Rob, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on what to pack, have a great trip..

  4. I suggest you edit the comments to eliminate the hateful refuse and spare us from reading it.

    I enjoyed your internal discussion about gear.