Saturday, July 30, 2011

Almost one year with the Sony A55 and this is what I've learned

When I first got the A55 almost a year ago, the first shoot was a rodeo in Jackson Hole.
Things haven't really changed all that much, except I've learned to enjoy the camera and really love the rodeo.

These couple shots were done on the A55 and the 70-400mm G lens. These are all full-frame since people find them more useful. I think each could use a bit of a crop.

This is what I've learned.

This shot was done in burst mode at 10 frames per second. That frame rate is tough to beat. In the past year I've learned to just hold the shutter down and get the frames. In the past I was a more selective shooter but if the picture is all that really matters.... you get more great moments if you just hammer down at a fast frame rate.
The 70-400mm G lens is the most useful lens in the line-up. For years I didn't like the lens because the first time I tried it was at a ski race and the wind was blowing me all over the hill with this huge lens. I stopped using it for a while. Now I love it when shooting outside. It has a ton of reach, quick focus and is well balanced on a Gitzo monopod.The A55 has a translucent mirror. That's it's technological advantage. Once you get used to the viewfinder and how the camera focuses, you get way more in focus shots than ever before. This cowboy racing through the barrel races was sharp from one end of the course to the other. Must have had five good choices from the one race.With this shot you really can see the speed in the ponies, and with autofocus that works and a quick frame rate I had a fair number of choices. This was taken on high speed of seven frames per second not the full burst mode of 10 fps. Once you take the camera off burst mode and use the high speed mode... you can shoot in RAW and JPEG, have control of the ISO, and much more control of the exposure. I use the 10 fps burst mode sometimes, but the 7 fps high mode is very useful as well.
Again, except that it needs a crop, the shots were all in focus, well exposed and there was a nice selection of moments to choose from.Now that I'm used to the A55, I can't wait until the A700 replacement comes out.

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  1. blizzard@smugmug.comJuly 31, 2011 at 10:11 AM

    Thank you for a great job
    questions and doubts about the over all qaulity of this a33 a55, now I see the a35 with improvments, Hope fully sony will improve and upgrade any negatives in the gear
    I will with some luck get up to Jackson hole this Oct. hopefully the new gear will be out by then and I hope you will give us a full field review thanks again for a honest clear review
    and I looking forward to your review of the a77 /a65