Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Had a chance to try the A35 that came out today

I had a chance to try the Sony A35 that came out today. The version I have is pre-production and has no manual.

I'll try and do a few more blogs on the camera this week but this will get things started.

The camera has a burst mode of seven frames per second called Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting. The camera sets the Aperture to F3.5 or the maximum on the lens, as well as the shutter speed and ISO. The feature also zooms in 1.4X to the centre of the frame like a tele-converter. The image size drops from 16 megapixels to 8.4 but the quality still looked fine to me.

These images were shot using the Sony 70-400 G-Series lens on the burst mode. The first image is not cropped but the others are.

The camera has many features in common with the A33 but seems more refined when shooting. The EVF seems better and easier to use. The focus worked great on continuous.

There is also a feature called Partial Colour, where the image is black and white except for the one colour you picked. Blue in this example. I can see this feature working well for wedding photographers and those who shoot family portraits. This isn't much of an example but you get the idea.

Rob Skeoch

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