Sunday, May 1, 2011

The First Step has been taken

It's time to start "the next big thing".

I finished writing my course and took a couple weeks to get caught up and catch my breath.

Now I'm starting my next big project. I expect to work on it for two or three years.

Portraits of Rodeo Cowboys.
This photo was done last summer with a Sony digital camera but I decided to do the portraits in black and white. I bought the Shen-Hao camera for the project just before Christmas but hadn't taken a picture with it. I didn't want to start one project before the previous one was finished.

Now I've taken four shots with my four lenses, to see how they cover the 4x10 format.

If you need traditional photography supplies, such as sheet film or a wood field camera, I sell them at my store.
Rob Skeoch

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