Friday, April 1, 2011

Trying to make friends with a new camera

Do you have a relationship with your camera?

I know I do.

I bought a new camera, but wasn't ready to make friends with it right away.

I was still breaking up with my old system - a high maintenance system that I loved but took up too much of my time, with it's constant film processing, mixing of chemicals and printing in the dark. Just so demanding.

I didn't really ditch the old system, my daughter who lives in China wanted to use it for a while, so it went over with another of my friends the Zeiss 35mm F2.

So the new camera arrived but I wasn't ready for it. I charged the battery right away and put in the card, and then it sat.

I'm too busy to go out shooting I said.

The weather is rubbish I complained.

I just wasn't ready to move on.

I wanted to pimp it up a bit and make it more personal. I added the screen protector in the back, put the filter on the lens, protected it with the Mr. Zhou leather case and downloaded the free version of Lightroom to convert the RAW files.

Now it's ready to go.

But now the weather is rubbish and I really am to busy to get out shooting. So it sits there, waiting, but I know we'll be out dancing in the streets soon enough.

If you need a Mr. Zhou case for your camera, a new Zeiss or Voigtlander lens or even just a filter or Thumbs Up... you can get them all from my

To watch my latest video on pimping out my M9 go here.

Rob Skeoch

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