Sunday, March 6, 2011

Using the A55 with the 70-200G

I was back to my old spot in the corner at the Leafs - Blackhawks game on Saturday night. A classic Original Six matchup and the Hawks were nice to us and wore the "Reds".

I worked the game with the Sony A55 and the 135mm Zeiss in the first period. In the second I switched to the 70-200G from Sony because it has a bit more reach.

I don't find the zoom as sharp as the Zeiss 135mm F1.8 but it gives you a bit more flexibility.

I missed two goals right in front of me when the camera decided to hunt while Chicago decided to score. These shots are from a scramble where they didn't put the puck in the net. I kept the hammer down and grabbed three quick files.

I think they were the best shots of the night and the third one ran in the paper with the NHL coverage.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Hi Rob

    What do you think of the A77, are you impressed with the pre-production camera?