Sunday, February 13, 2011

I didn't win but a Canadian did

The World Press Photo Awards were handed out this week. Once again I came up empty handed.... and I even know the head judge, David Burnett. I was surprised too.

One Canadian was in the winning group. Ed Ou, who shoots for Reportage by Getty, won the Contemporary Issues, 1st Prize Stores for his work "Escape from Somalia".

The work by Ed was very well done but you should check out a few of his other projects... including "Children of Men".

The overall winner is the "World Press Photo of the Year 2010" and was taken by Jodi Bieber from South Africa for Time Magazine. It's the eighth time she has won a World Press Award. It's a portrait of Bibl Alsha after she was disfigured by her husband.

Rob Skeoch

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