Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do you have the right stuff

Panos Pictures, a photo agency run out of London, is taking submissions from photographers who feel they have the stuff.

You can read the submission guidelines here.

I stole this from their website...... Panos Pictures is a photo agency specialising in global social issues, driven by the vision and commitment of its photographers and staff. Panos is known internationally for its fresh and intelligent approach and respected for its integrity and willingness to pursue stories beyond the contemporary media agenda.

Recognising that photography is more than pictures on a page, we engage in all forms of visual communication producing exhibitions, multimedia and video as well as long-term documentary projects.

We believe in the photography of ideas. Not content with merely witnessing, Panos photographers seek out stories that matter with the aim of interpreting rather than simply recording. We are not afraid to take a position on current events or contemporary issues and offer perspectives that challenge commonly held assumptions. Panos photographers bring an unparalleled understanding and awareness of the sensitivities and ethical dimensions of the issues and areas they document.

Panos Pictures has over 20 years experience working with both the commercial and non-profit sectors, actively using photography to campaign and communicate through a range of media to new and diverse audiences. Panos creates its own projects and makes its expertise available to other organizations.

Rob Skeoch

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