Saturday, October 23, 2010

Using the new Sony 85mm for hockey

Once the pre-game skate is over I head over to my shooting position. There are a number of holes cut in the glass boards that you shoot through. Some times there are more photographers than space but I don't remember the last time I didn't get a hole for at least part of the game.

I've been playing with the new Sony 85mm F2.8. This is an inexpensive way to shoot hockey although you have to be patient and I tend to shoot more goal mouth action with a 85mm than I would if I had the zoom lens on.

These shots were at ISO 1600 on the Sony A500. Shot wide open at 1/1200 second.

Are they great, no not really, but it's what I got in the first period.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Hi Rob-
    I have seen your Sony A-55 videos on youtube. Excellent! I have a question for you. I am a photography enthusiast. I have, by no means a great grasp on everything related to someone like yourself.
    I researched the daylights out of the newer Micro 4/3 cameras and now the SLT Sony cameras.

    I started out with a Nikon F camera, went to the Minolta X-700, Canon EOS Rebel X. I never mastered any, but have alot of "Happy Accidents"!

    In the advent of digital photography, I have owned a Minolta F-100 Dimage, Panasonic TZ3, which my daughter uses to it's fullest capabilities. I also own a Canon 1400IS.

    My daughter marches for the University of Michigan Band, and is in her first year. I would love to have a camera that has much of what the A55 has to offer. Your youtube channel has sold me!!

    I cannot afford as much of a lens, but would be interested in your input. I will be sitting on the 40 come November 6th and I would love to gain some experience using the camera. Would you recommend the 55-200 that is made for it?

    Do you also know if I could use an adapter to retrofit a Hoya telephoto lens, or is that just crazy? Thanks!

  2. One of the popular Sony promotions is to include a second lens with the camera when purchased. They often include the 55-200 or the 75-300mm. I think the longer lens is a better option if you get the choice.

    Overall the camera is very nice but the electronic viewfinder takes some getting used to.


  3. Thanks for the fast reply! I am of the mindset that since I am not an expert, it won't be very hard to get used to it because I don't have enough experience... How about the overheating and battery issues? Have you had a problem?

  4. I didn't know there were any issues with the batteries.... I have never had any.

    The camera I used overheated once.... but it was a real hot day and I was shooting rodeo action in the sun... so I don't consider it an issue in the real world. I was overheating myself. Of course those people who only take pictures of brick walls to prove how sharp their cameras are, might have a different point of view.

    Your mileage may vary.