Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photokina Report - New Rangefinder

Earlier this year my daughter went to Haiti to help out after the earthquake. She wasn't going as a photographer but did take along a Zeiss Ikon rangefinder, a 35mm F2 lens and a bunch of black and white film.

When we backpacked through China last year, I took along a couple of rangefinder cameras and three lenses, including the lens I used the most..... a 35mm F2. In fact the gallery show I have going on right now was done with the rangefinder and 35mm combo.

Throughout the history of photography, some great photojournalists (and probally a number who weren't so great) have traveled the world with a rangefinder camera... and the lens of choice... the 35mm.

It seems a natural combination, a small camera and a sharp, slightly wideangle lens.

If we up-date this scene to the modern digital age what features would we ask for.
A rangefinder focus system.
A metal camera.
A large sensor.
Easy to change to manual focus.
If you had a full-size sensor the lens would be a 35mm F2.
If you had an APS-C size sensor the lens of choice would be a 23mm.

This is the new Fujifilm Finepix X100. They say they went back to the drawing board and looked at everything that makes taking pictures more enjoyable.

For some reason the photo of me with the camera looks out of proportion... so I've added this file...

Rob Skeoch


  1. wow that really looks too small. um are you unusually big? you don't seem so from other photos

  2. LOL, you're right it does look really small. Must have been the wide angle the picture was taken with.
    The camera was about the size of an older Leica.

  3. OH NO!! Now it looks like you found a Tiny man to model the camera!! J/k

    that looks much better :)