Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little tighter with the 85mm

This is part five of my day using the Zeiss M-mount rangefinder gear at the annual Toronto Caribana Parade.

I took a third lens with me to the festival. The Zeiss Tele-Tessar 4/85mm ZM. I was using this lens on my Zeiss Ikon since it has the framelines for the 85mm. Well they're not really framelines but just "frame corners", which became a bit of a problem on the sunny day. I don't use the 85mm that much on the rangefinder camera. Of all the lenses I've owned over the years I've used this lens the least and it's not because it's an F4 lens.

It's just tough to shoot with a rangefinder and a longer lens.... and 85mm isn't even that long.

It's hard to frame the subject when they look small through the viewfinder, the "frame corners" are hard to see in full sun, especially if the subject is mostly white since they blend together. When I look at my contacts from the shoot I see a number of images with hands cut off, part of the hat cut off, just poor framing.

Yes the lens is really sharp, and light for it's length, but I just don't buy into using a lens this long on a rangefinder. I'm going to try a few shoots with this lens on one camera and a 85mm on a SLR and see which is more enjoyable to use and which gets better images, and then I'm going to stay with that lens.

With all the dancing and movement at Caribana, this length of lens was a disappointment to use.

Rob Skeoch

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