Thursday, July 1, 2010

Took some nice photos along the way

It's the half way point of the Photo a Day Challenge. A group of us started Jan. 1 taking a photo every day. I think only David White has taken one each day, I know I haven't. Even David plans to stop shooting for a few months and try and get caught up in the darkroom.

The project would be much easier using a digital camera but most of the photographers who came along on the ride were shooting film. After six months of shooting you go through a fair bit of film and chemistry. You also learn a few things.

1 - get the system better organized so you can streamline the processing, contacting and proofing stage. The darkroom seems to be the bottleneck of the exercise.

2 - try and get into the darkroom every couple weeks to make high quality prints of the better images

3 - try and work a theme for a few weeks so you can really get the technique down

4 - enjoy getting out a taking photos

5 - use different formats, it keeps things fresh

6 - travel if you can

Rob Skeoch

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