Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My friend Fern called

Each year my friend Terry sends me an email about how great her ferns look.
Then I need a couple days of huge rain to freshen them up, then a calm day to get the photos. The light is usually best around 8am.

After three years of this routine the stars finally aligned and I headed over to her house to shoot the ferns. The light was starting to change just as I got there, but I had a chance to shoot a few different angles using the Makro 100mm that Zeiss makes in the Nikon mount.

This lens is the highest quality lens I've used. Great optics and outstanding build quality. In fact I bought a Nikon F6 just so I can use this lens.

If you're interested in the Zeiss lenses you can see them at the bigcameraworkshops.com.

Rob Skeoch

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