Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here comes the bride

What a fun day at the launch of the new Sony NEX camera system. Sony had a bride and groom at the press conference and you could take photos of them. They even had a wedding cake on hand for the cake cutting shot.

I had one piece.... and it was a small one.

These shots are all from the NEX camera. Some where done on the NEX 3, others on the NEX 5.

Overall I thought it was fun to use and hope to get out with it again.

Sony will have the camera at the Toronto Eaton Centre in the Sony Style store on Wednesday from 3-8pm. You can see it there if you want.

Rob Skeoch

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  1. Yep, these are pretty promising cameras. Basicly A550 in very small body. :) Just removing sensor based IS seems as not exactly smartest move..