Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking for rattlers

Great weather again today so I jumped on the Infrared idea with the Leica M8. You use the B+W092 filter. This is with the Zeiss 25mm F2.8 lens.

This is the b&w file.

This is how the file looked right out of the camera
This is how the scene really looked.

Rattlesnake Point is a great spot for photography and these are the cliffs that made it famous. I don't think anyone has seen a rattlesnake in the area since the 70's so the only pests in the area are the large format photographers making landscape photos of the ancient cedars.

Oh wait, I'm one of those photographers. This is one of my best shots ever, taken on 8x10 with regular film. A 16x20 traditional print sells for $600 framed.
Rob Skeoch

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