Monday, April 26, 2010

Ilford is making a special run of film in ULF sizes

For the past number of years Ilford has done a special film run of the Ultra Large Format Sizes. This is a chance to order sheet film for those older cameras that used odd sizes of film. It's also a chance to order film if you've recently built or purchased an Ultra Large Format camera such as the 7x17 or 8x20. Film sizes go right up to 20x24 inches, and yes each year we sell a few boxes of this format.

If you're interested in ordering film go to

If you would like to read a bit more about it check out the Ilford Press Release.

They are offering three films in this special run.... HP5+, FP4+ and Ortho+.

The deadline for all orders is Friday June 11. All orders must be pre-paid.

This is the list for the Ilford H5+ film. You can also get Ortho + and FP4+ films. The 4x5, 5x7, Whole Plate, and 8x10 are usually in stock throughout the year.

Ilford HP5+

4x5 25 sheets $31.81

4x5 100 sheets $117.53

5x7 25 sheets $48.13

6.5x8.5 25 sheets $86.71

8x10 25 sheets $105.33

7x17 25 sheets $180.70

8x20 25 sheets $280.00

12x20 25 sheets $364.41

2.25x3.25 25 sheets $30.80

3.25x4.25 25 $56.55

4x10 25 sheets $58.81

5x12 25 sheets $91.10

7x11 25 sheets $116.91

10x12 25 sheets $182.20

11x14 25 sheets $233.86

12x15 25 sheets waiting for the price email if you're interested

12x20 25 sheets $364.41

14x17 25 sheets $361.37

16x20 25 sheets $485.88

20x24 25 sheets $728.85

Rob Skeoch

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