Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Up the stairs, down the stairs

They call it the City of Lights.

I call it the City of Stairs... and I climbed every one of them.

It started at the Catacombes. I didn't count the stairs going down but it was 83 coming up and it was a spiral staircase to boot. Plus walking the endless caverns looking at the artifacts. Good workout to start the day. I think the woman carring the child and stroller up the stairs had an even better workout... although she didn't seem to be enjoying herself all that much. Not sure why.

Then we went near the Eiffel Tower. Not right at the Tower but down the street. We looked for the highest flight of stairs around and headed right for it. Up that flight of stairs so we could get a few shots of the Eiffel Tower. And unique shots they were I might add. I'm sure the other 10,000 people with the same idea didn't get anything that would hold a candle to my snapshots.

Now down those stairs and over to the Tower, stand in line for an hour and then start walking up the stairs, and then more stairs, and then a few more, then you're at a level platform but the second level is only another few flights of stairs up. Then once we were there, one more flight of stairs and I was King of the World. Well maybe not that high but it was high enough.

Now you might think we had to walk down, but the place was closing so they let us ride the "lift". I felt like asking for my money back having been robbed of the chance to climb more stairs, but the line was too long

The Shadow of the Tower, taken with the Sony A550 and Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 lens.

I used the A550 for this one as well. I think it was ISO 3200 and I kept the Super Steady Shot turned on. It was so dark you could hardly see this.


  1. Hi, Rob

    Where was this shot taken?
    Are you excited what Sony will offer at PMA?
    Sony is striking back BIG time!


  2. The top shot was taken from the tower while the lower one is the Catacombes far below the city. A worthwhile tour for sure.

  3. Are those the fallen from the Tower:)

    No comment on the Sony new cameras yet?


  4. I think they were placed in the Catacombes during the great plague. There were tens of thousands of them. Bones stacked to the roof for many rooms.

    I haven't heard anything about the new Sony's yet.

  5. Here is the update (only rumors)

    1. E-mount to A-mount adapter
    2. Mirrorless cameras with lens Super SteadyShot
    3. A700 successor, 2 live view as A550, Sweep Panorama & HD Video

    4. CZ Distagon T* 24mm f2 ZA SSM
    5. E-mount cameras NEX3, NEX5 Q2 and NEX7 later
    in Q3 with lenses 18-200mm & 16 f2.8

    6. Super Telephoto Lens 500mm F4 G
    7. More lenses: 35mm f/2 SAM, 85mm f/2.8 SAM, 70-300mm f/4.-5.6 SAM

    8. 3D Cybershot cameras
    9. TX5 and H55 Cyber-shot

    So what do you think?


  6. I hope that's right. It would be a lot of fun trying it all.