Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ice forms under the cliff

It was a beautiful blue sky day and I hiked in early before starting my shift. The ice amazed me. I tried a good number of shots and used up eight sheets of film in no time.

When I started the ice was in the shadow of the cliff but the sun was shinning on it when I was done. If I had one with me it would have been a good test for the "High Dynamic Range" feature on the new Sony camera.

This was done on the Ebony 8x10 using the Delta 100 and processed using ID-11 in a drum.

Rob Skeoch

Some people enjoy using wood tripods because of the traditional look. I like them because they're not as cold to hold in the winter. I've just placed an order for Berlebach tripods in a variety of styles. I use one myself and think they're great. You can find these at

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