Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shooting with a prime, fast lens

I was working a high school football game years ago and talking with the other photographers about the poor stadium lighting. Ron Posser, a long time photographer at the Hamilton Spectator said you always need one fast lens, even if it's just a 50mm F1.4.

Just wait on the sidelines in the low light and eventually one play will run your way along the sidelines and you'll get a shot for the paper.

In the old Maple Leaf Gardens before the team moved to the ACC. Johnny Maiola from the Globe and Mail was at every game, shooting from the same position just behind the goal-line with one camera and one lens, a fast 85mm F1.4. He just waited for the play to come to him and shot the goal mouth action.

I thought I would give this idea a try at the game tonight. Usually I shoot with a 70-200m Sony G F2.8 and a 300mm F2.8. So to sit there with just a 50mm (on an APS size sensor) took more patience than I have. And when they did score right in front of me I totally missed the shot while Dave sitting next to me with a zoom made a nice picture.

I'll have to work on this technique a bit more.

Rob Skeoch

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