Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan. 1, 2010 First Day of the Photo a Day Challenge

Take a photo every day in 2010.

The challenge starts today, and it's going to be tough to do. I'm blogging on what I learn doing this.

Well the first thing I learned is I'm not as organized as I thought I was.

The plan was to take a photo of a shell in tribute to one of the great photographers, Edward Weston.

How hard could it be?

How long could it take?

Well is took most of an hour just to get the background hanging right. Then I glued the shell to a stick and stuck it through the paper. Set up the lighting, changed the lighting, moved the background, changed the lighting again, set up the 8x10, changed from the 210mm to the 450mm, changed from the 450mm to the 300mm, changed the lighting, tried to focus the camera, took the meter reading, refocused the camera, changed the lighting, tightened down the camera so I could take the picture, kicked the stand by mistake holding the shell, set the shell up again, refocused, locked the camera down, took the meter reading, figured out the bellows factor, figured out the exposure, loaded the holder into the camera and took the photo.

About 2 1/2 hours, and I didn't get the studio cleaned up or the film processed before I had to head to work at the paper.

I gotta get organized if this is going to work.
This is the image from the first day. When you look at the print you notice a couple issues so I plan to re-photograph it later in the week.

Rob Skeoch

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