Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flashback to Joe Montana

This is one of my favourite photographs. I took it 16 years ago today. When people ask me about my all-time best shots I always think of this one.

I covered NFL every week back then and this was the AFC Championships where the Bills hammered the KC Chiefs 30-13.

It was an exciting day for me. I had just got the new 600mm F4 AF from Nikon and was shooting with an F4 camera. The rain never stopped that day, almost like a mist and the exposure hardly changed all day. The whole day was shot wide open.

This shot of Joe Montana was taken just before the kickoff and the beautiful tones in the background are the goal-posts and the stands. Since it was shot at F4 the background has become just tones.

To re-call the game Running back Thurman Thomas led the Bills to the 30-13 victory by rushing for 186 yards and scoring three touchdowns. Montana left the game with a concussion at the start of the third quarter and the Bills rolled up the score.

For the Bills, this was the third straight year they defeated a future Hall of Fame quarterback to advance to the Super Bowl. For Montana, this was his seventh start in a conference championship game, the most of any quarterback.

Man those were the days.

Rob Skeoch

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