Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Said goodbye to my Rollei GX

I said goodbye to an old friend this week.

No nothing tragic.... I just sold one of my favorite cameras. I'm trying to clear out stuff I'm not using. I guess I'm a photographer not a collector.

I've used a number of Rollei's over the years and have been shooting with the GX twin lens for the last few. Well I just wasn't using the camera enough, so I put it on eBay and it sold to a photographer in Beijing.

The Rollei twin lens is a classic by any measure and a lot of photographers did their best work with one. Great names like Avedon and Penn all used the cameras. I liked using it but always felt the lens was too short at 80mm. I used it for half length portraits and it needed a longer lens to narrow the field of view... especially in my studio.

Anyway it was a pleasure to use all these years and I was fortunate enough to have one of the rare gold plated 70th anniversary versions. I shot a fair number of editorial portraits with it and many subjects commented on the fact that I shot with a gold camera. I guess it helped me stand out from the regular "Joe Photographer".

It was a great camera and a pleasure to use... I'm sure I'll regret selling it in about a week.

Do you have a favorite camera that you're sorry you sold?

Rob Skeoch


  1. Never had a Rollei or a Leica but I still to this day regret selling My Nikon FA when I moved to Canon for autofocus,it was a gem to handle and the sound of that shutter was almost sexy

  2. I had my Pentax MX stolen along with a 35 f2 and the 100 2.8. This was the camera that got me thru college and got me on the front page of USA Today so it was really special to me.

  3. I had a Pentax Asahi Spotmatic with couple lenses, I got it for a great price and sold it for very high. But it just hurt my heart so bad, I could give anything now to get my camera back. I took so many good shots with that.