Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Photo a Day Challenge

Could you take a photo every day next year?

I think it would be a worthwhile challenge.

365 photos in one year. You can take more than one photo on any given day, but only one counts in the challenge.

It would be tough but I think I could do it.

So I challenge you. Can you take a photo a day in 2010.

The challenge is to take the photo. If you can't get it posted on the same day, or you have to wait a few days to get it printed that's fine. You can always post them a few days late.

And they have to be real photos... not snaps of your cat sleeping on the chair.

Some people might think they have to all shot with one camera or with one lenses... similar to the Leica challenge a few years back, but that doesn't matter here.

Just take one photo a day and try and post it.

Let me know if you're in.

Rob Skeoch


  1. that is a cool challenge....

    will post the link as soon as the first picture is online

  2. I'm in.

    Have a blog set up, but don't have the address handy. Also, trying to shoot one camera/lens for this project but will obviously use what I need for others.

  3. I plan to start with my 8x10.

    I did expect to shoot a still life the first day, but if the weather is OK I'll head out and keep the still life for a rainy day.


  4. Thanks for starting this challenge. It is already helping me become a better photographer. All of my shots are not turning out quite as I wanted but I am learning something every day!

  5. http://wolfys2010.blogspot.com/
    ... you can take a look at my first days of the year :-)